Caroline Yukon

Caroline Yukon

Phone: (867) 587-6695
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Caroline Yukon

Candidate in the Sahtu All Ridings race.

Caroline can be reached at, or by calling (867) 587-6695.

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MLAs tell Cabinet to focus on small business while rebuilding NWT economy

April 30, 2020

NNSL Media - The GNWT on Wednesday unveiled a draft of its strategy for economic and social recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, and received a lukewarm response from MLAs, some of whom want the focus to be on aiding small business immediately. Within the health sector, the GNWT proposes a review of the legislative framework, new screenings and support for vaccination efforts. For business, the proposals include strengthening essential supply chains, diversifying the economy and boosting local production. “We need to also recognize that we should be preparing for social recovery and what we can do for social wellbeing. Nokleby said the GNWT anticipates a second round of funding from the federal government to help out smaller, regional airlines.

Hoping for help with your NWT power bill? Here’s the latest

April 24, 2020

Cabin Radio - Residents told Cabin Radio their power bills are increasing as they use more energy while studying and working from home. Several people told Cabin Radio their monthly utility bills during the pandemic have been in the $500 range. A request for comment from the power corporation was directed to the territorial government. The territorial government did not address questions about whether it would consider subsidies, credits, or a customer assistance program to specifically help those facing difficulties paying power bills. Small businesses that have had to close will have their power bills forgiven from April to June 2020.

Editorial: A friend in need

April 19, 2020

NNSL Media - So, too, have the dangers employees of health-care operations face, including not just doctors and nurses, but cleaners, housekeepers, food preparers and others. “There’s no other organization in our community that can provide that kind of service,” Bonnetrouge said of the Fort Providence friendship centre. Friendship centres have been counted on to run a lot of things.”They’re doing work that the government will have to take over if they disappear, and at a government sort of rate, which would cost us all more. Bonnetrouge said he’s asking for “emergency” funding to fill the hole left on the friendship centres’ balance sheet. Premier Caroline Cochrane in March said friendship centres play a “valuable” role in the communities they serve.

How did we get here? A timeline of COVID-19 in the N.W.T.

April 18, 2020

CBC North - declares a public health emergency , expiring April 1, which allows Kandola to issue legally binding orders for the first time. Watch: Kandola, Cochrane and Health Minister Diane Thom respond to questions about the two cases of COVID-19 confirmed April 2. In an interview with CBC, the territorial medical director, Dr. Sarah Cook, suggests asymptomatic carriers could be spreading COVID-19 in the N.W.T. Data from the territorial government shows public health officers have issued 74 warnings for violating public health orders , and received nearly 400 complaints. Officials extend both the state of emergency and public health emergency , saying they will continue until the situation in the rest of Canada "changes considerably."

N.W.T. leaders welcome millions in federal funding, but say it’s not enough

April 15, 2020

CBC North - Political and business leaders in the Northwest Territories are welcoming millions of dollars in federal funding to help businesses and the health-care system during the COVID-19 pandemic, but say more will be needed in order for the economy to survive. The federal government announced Tuesday nearly $130 million spread across the three territories for health care, food subsidies, airlines and other businesses. The Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency will be handing out money to businesses, with more details expected in the coming days. Lesley Allen is the president of Yellowknife Food Rescue and said according to territorial officials, the N.W.T. "So any funding that is going to support cheaper costs of food for northerners will be very beneficial," she said.

Yellowknifer editorial: New federal funding for NWT gives hope

April 14, 2020

NNSL Media - Unsurprising statistics keep rolling in backing up the argument that businesses need help now if we expect to restart the economy with any success. At the end of last week, Statistics Canada numbers from March showed just the first inklings of the impact of Covid-19 mitigation measures on the economy nationwide and in the NWT. For all of the abovementioned reasons and a host of others already familiar to Northerners, businesses here are more exposed to fluctuations in the economy. It will need to offer more than good fishing and the aurora borealis if we want to attract much-needed newcomers to Yellowknife. The details we’re hungry for from Trudeau’s announcement may well have to come from the GNWT, since most or all of the funding will flow through the territorial government.

N.W.T. premier shuffles cabinet, takes over Municipal and Community Affairs portfolio

April 7, 2020

CBC North - Northwest Territories Premier Caroline Cochrane is taking over the municipal and community affairs ministry, a move she says will allow her to better manage the territory's response to COVID-19. Cochrane takes over the Municipal and Community Affairs file from Paulie Chinna, who was appointed to the position last year. "The challenge COVID-19 presents to the Northwest Territories requires a co-ordinated, team approach from cabinet to manage successfully," Cochrane said. Chinna will remain responsible for the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation and the minister responsible for homelessness. Cochrane said she'll look to return the Municipal and Community Affairs portfolio once the pandemic passes.

Pause evictions during pandemic, MLAs say

April 1, 2020

NNSL Media - Regular MLAs have called on cabinet to freeze evictions while the territory weathers the global health pandemic. “We’re in an emergency situation and extraordinary measures may be necessary to help with landlords, and tenants, in particular,” he said. However, with the onset of another confirmed COVID-19 case in Inuvik, Tu Nedhe – Wiilideh MLA Steve Norn is another member supporting an evictions pause. As potential options, he pointed to the rental assistance program in Manitoba; a one-time $900 emergency payout in Saskatchewan; and an evictions pause in Yukon. Nunakput MLA Jackie Jacobson called for a pause to evictions prior to the pandemic, citing the extreme temperatures and weather facing tenants in his constituency.

More NWT support for income assistance, housing, businesses

March 31, 2020

Cabin Radio - The NWT government is introducing a “one-time emergency allowance” to income assistance claimants in the territory alongside more supports for housing and businesses. Asked when people using income assistance could expect to see the payments, Wawzonek replied: “My understanding is this is happening immediately.”Gifts and “unearned income” will be excluded from the income assistance calculation until the end of June. The NWT Housing Corporation is freeing up $5 million to help people without homes find somewhere safe to stay. NWT support now at $21.5MKatrina Nokleby, the industry and infrastructure minister, said approximately $1 million in financial support would be offered to the aviation industry. Tuesday’s support package, valued at a little over $8 million, is in addition to $13 million in NWT assistance announced earlier in March.

COVID-19: A Timeline of the pandemic

March 24, 2020

NNSL Media - The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has brought a whirlwind of information in recent weeks with updates often changing by the day. JanuaryJan. 22Dr. Kami Kandola, the NWT’s chief public health officer, says risk of coronavirus reaching NWT is low. March 11Kandola says health authorities in the NWT are working on pandemic preparedness plans as the World Health Organization declares the coronavirus a global pandemic. March 13Premier Caroline Cochrane and the chief public health officer hold news conference at legislative assembly. Diane Thom, minister of health and social services, under the recommendation by the chief public health officer, declares a public health emergency.

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