Cory Vanthuyne

Candidate in the Yellowknife North Yellowknife race.

Cory can be reached on social media, at, or by calling (867) 445-1192.

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What does it cost to win an election in the N.W.T.?

January 25, 2020

CBC North - ...campaigns: eventual cabinet members Cochrane, Wawzonek, and Katrina Nokleby, and unsuccessful candidates Testart, Patrick Scott, Arlene Hache, and Cory Vanthuyne. Where's the money spent? Elections can be a big boost to local businesses. In total, over $409,000 was spent in the 2019 campaign. Any unspent...

Three cabinet ministers, 18 staff to attend AME Roundup Conference

January 17, 2020

NNSL Media - ...the GNWT under then Premier Bob McLeod sent five cabinet members, two regular MLAs, and 21 staff members. In 2018, regular MLAs Kieron Testart, Cory Vanthuyne, and Kevin O’Reilly all declined attending the trip. Krystal Pidborochynski, senior communications adviser with the Department of Executive and...

How NWT election candidates raised and spent their money

January 16, 2020

Cabin Radio - ... In Yellowknife North, Rylund Johnson's campaign finance statement shows he raised just $4,000 in defeating Jan Vallillee ($7,000) and incumbent Cory Vanthuyne ($10,000). Advertisement. How candidates spent their money changed considerably depending on where in the NWT they were. In Yellowknife, very...

Frame Lake’s O’Reilly and YK North’s Johnson survive recounts

October 9, 2019

Cabin Radio - ...tweeted early on Wednesday afternoon. Later on Wednesday, Johnson was confirmed to have won Yellowknife North by a six-vote margin over incumbent Cory Vanthuyne. Johnson won by 503 votes to 497, the recount showed, an increase of one to the five-vote unofficial margin published last week. "I was dreading...

Elections NWT recount: O’Reilly officially takes Frame Lake

October 9, 2019

NNSL Media - ... The only other constituency facing a recount is Yellowknife North with a very slim five voted separating MLA-elect Rylund Johnson and incumbent Cory Vanthuyne. The Yk North recount is taking place later this afternoon in NWT Supreme...

Incumbent MLA-elect Kevin O’Reilly retains Frame Lake seat after judicial recount

October 9, 2019

CKLB 101.9 - was. The second and final recount is being held for the Yellowknife North District Wednesday afternoon. Rylund Johnson won over incumbent Cory Vanthuyne by a mere five votes. No matter the result of the recounts, MLAs are scheduled to be sworn in at the Legislative Assembly on Friday...

Recount confirms Kevin O’Reilly’s win in Frame Lake, Yellowknife North to come

October 9, 2019

CBC North - ...Two ridings, both based in Yellowknife, fell within that margin : Frame Lake and Yellowknife North, where newcomer Rylund Johnson defeated incumbent Cory Vanthuyne by just five votes. On Monday, Latour said she was hopeful both recounts would be completed on...

O’Reilly survives Frame Lake recount, YK North result awaited

October 9, 2019

Cabin Radio - ... The recount goes on for Yellowknife North, where Rylund Johnson was declared the winner by just five votes in last week's unofficial results. Cory Vanthuyne, the incumbent, placed second. Under NWT law, these recounts are overseen by a judge. Frame Lake was the first district to undergo a recount,...

Watch live: 19th Legislative Assembly priority-setting meeting

October 9, 2019

CKLB 101.9 - ...constituencies also started this morning at 9:30 a.m. at Supreme Court. The recounts are For Yellowknife North where Rylund Johnson defeated Cory Vanthuyne by five votes, and in Frame Lake where Kevin O’Reilly won over Dave Ramsay by 11 votes. Elections NWT has said it expects to have the official...

NWT’s new politicians begin setting out vision for years ahead

October 9, 2019

Cabin Radio - ...years old, as he rose to speak. Johnson spoke even as a recount took place in his district, which unofficial results show he won by five votes over Cory Vanthuyne. Johnson said the NWT should "change the way we do business" over the next four years and "push for big strides to better our society." Johnson...

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