Kevin O’Reilly

Candidate in the Frame Lake Yellowknife race.

Kevin can be reached on social media, at, or by calling (867) 444-2929.

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Niels Konge ‘may’ run for MLA

September 3, 2019

NNSL Media - Niels Konge, the three-term Yellowknife city councillor and owner of Konge Construction, is hinting he may throw his hat in the ring for the upcoming territorial election. To other seemingly surprised fellow councillors, Konge said he “was thinking about it” – that is, to run as a candidate for MLA in the Oct. 1 territorial election. A source told Yellowknifer on Monday that Konge intends to run in the Yellowknife Centre constituency. If a city councillor is elected as an MLA, the GNWT has rules that forbid individuals from sitting on municipal councils. Should Konge run in YK Centre, he will be taking on incumbent Julie Green and candidates Arlene Hache and Thom Jarvis.

MLAs likely to begrudgingly pass carbon tax

August 16, 2019

NNSL Media - Two things were clear in the legislative assembly Thursday: the territory’s made-in-the North carbox tax was set to pass, and no one was happy about it. The territory would rebate the carbon tax on heating fuel, which residents would file for at tax time, and aviation fuel would also be exempt. He and O’Reilly also noted there hasn’t been a costed NWT-oriented federal plan that can be compared to the GNWT’s plan. Yellowknife Centre MLA Julie Green added the Yukon worked with the federal government to create its carbon tax plan, which she said had “distinct advantages.”Despite their objections, the vote is set to pass. That’s largely because MLAs Nakimayak, Frederick Blake, Shane Thompson and Danny McNeely all arrived at McLeod’s conclusion: between the feds and the GNWT, the territory’s tax, imperfections aside, would make the best of a bad situation.

Yellowknife MLAs split over land title fee hike

August 12, 2019

NNSL Media - Yellowknife North MLA Cory Vanthuyne compared the fee to last year’s proposal for a land transfer tax, which drew fire from the Yellowknife Real Estate Board for its apparent unfairness. The land transfer tax was eventually abandoned in favor of increases fees. Yellowknife Real Estate Board President knocks increase“It’s completely unfair to Yellowknife homeowners,” Yellowknife Real Estate Board president Adrian Bell said. “If someone can afford $500,000 for a house, they can afford an additional $350,” she said. Green, along with fellow Yellowknife MLAs Caroline Cochrane and Kevin O’Reilly stood in support of the fee, which passed 15-3.

Communities could raise taxes to cover carbon pricing

August 2, 2019

NNSL Media - NWT communities may be forced to pass carbon tax costs on to their residents, NWT Association of Communities CEO Sara Brown told a committee of MLAs on Thursday evening. He added there were few accountability or transparency mechanisms built into the plan, unlike British Columbia’s tax plan which tracks where each dollar is spent. “The legislature will not approve a tax plan. NWT Association of Communities CEO Sara Brown added the territorial government’s plan for its carbon tax revenue doesn’t “leave anything left over” for local investment in projects like energy planning. Testart told News/North “we don’t have clear commitments from the government to offset those (communities’ cost) increases” as a result of the carbon pricing regime.

GNWT appeals NWT court decision on Francophone school admission

July 27, 2019

NNSL Media - The Government of NWT announced Friday that it’s appealing a court decision that found Education Minister Caroline Cochrane had failed to consider a Francophone child’s Charter rights to French schooling. The court decision came after Cochrane rejected the child’s application to Ecole Allain St-Cyr because the child’s parents were immigrants, and non-rights holders, and thus couldn’t access minority language schooling rights guaranteed under Section 23 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. NWT Supreme Court Justice Paul Rouleau, finding Cochrane failed to consider all criteria in her rejection, recently ordered her to reconsider the decision. In a July 27 social media post, Frame Lake MLA Kevin O’Reilly wrote that the Government decided to appeal without consulting regular MLAs and that he planned to raise the issue when assembly sits next on Aug. 12. “The time and money being spent on this appeal would be much better directed towards revising the Ministerial Directive on Francophone school admissions in a collaborative fashion with the Commission Scolaire,” he wrote, referencing the NWT government directive the child was found ineligible for.

Concerns linger as carbon tax inches to implementation

July 22, 2019

NNSL Media - On September 1, a made-in-the-north carbon tax will sweep into effect across the territory, but some MLAs are wary of its impacts. McLeod, who was unavailable for comment for this story, is the only one of those opposing premiers to have a made-in-the-North carbon tax ready for roll-out. Carbon pricing, meanwhile, only adds another tax onto the territory’s already high cost of living, he said. So, essentially, it would just be another tax, increased tax, and the cost of living is already very high,” McLeod told the National Post. He said that while a large carbon tax may be appropriate in the south, the North lacks the energy options for pricing to change consumers’ behaviour.

Katrina Nokleby to challenge Glen Abernethy in Great Slave

July 8, 2019

Cabin Radio - Glen Abernethy, the MLA for Yellowknife's Great Slave since 2007, will be challenged by Katrina Nokleby in this fall's territorial election. Nokleby, an engineer, announced on Monday her intent to stand as a candidate in Great Slave. Nokleby said she wished to focus on growing the NWT's economy "while maintaining high standards of sustainability and environmental protection." Abernethy, the NWT's health minister since 2013, has endured a turbulent few years leading the department. Facing opponent Chris Clarke in the 2015 territorial election, Abernethy was successfully re-elected with almost 80 percent of the vote.

Elizabeth May in Yk: Canada needs ‘war cabinet’ to fight climate change

July 4, 2019

NNSL Media - Green Party leader Elizabeth May is calling for nothing less than a unified national response to climate change akin to the actions taken by Britain against Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Yellowknife residents poured into Northern United Place Wednesday evening to hear May promote her party’s Mission Possible climate action plan in preparation of the fall federal election. Several times throughout the evening she used analogies to World War II emergency wartime preparation where an existential threat was dealt with collaboratively and across political party lines. “My first call for making a Mission Possible, is that after the election, we form the equivalent of what happened in the Second World War where Winston Churchill had a war cabinet and his political enemies sat at a cabinet table. Also present were Conservative NWT riding candidate Yanik D’Aigle and territorial election candidates Robert Hawkins and Rylund Johnson.

Ramsay announcement sets up ideological clash in Frame Lake

July 3, 2019

Cabin Radio - Former industry minister Dave Ramsay says he will oppose Frame Lake MLA Kevin O'Reilly in this fall's NWT election. NWT Election 2019: Who's expected to run, and whereRamsay served as MLA for Kam Lake from 2003 until 2015, an election in which he was deposed by Kieron Testart. "I had told some potential Kam Lake candidates that I was not going to be running there this fall," said Ramsay, explaining his choice of district. "From 2003-2007, I represented a large section of the Frame Lake riding when it was a part of Kam Lake," Ramsay continued, "so I have a personal connection to the riding from that experience." Ramsay told the CBC the NWT's conflict of interest commissioner "didn't see any difficulty."

Former cabinet minister Dave Ramsay to run in Frame Lake

July 3, 2019

NNSL Media - Former GNWT cabinet minister Dave Ramsay announced plans Wednesday to contest Frame Lake MLA Kevin O’Reilly’s seat. Ramsay previously served in the NWT Legislative Assembly from 2003 to 2015, where he was Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Minister of Transportation, and Minister of the Public Utilities Board. When he was representing Kam Lake as MLA from 2003 to 2007, the riding included a portion of Frame Lake. In the release, Ramsay stated that he aims to build a balanced approach to the economy, climate change, health care and education. “We are at a real crossroads in our development: housing values are falling, the cost of living is still rising and it seems like we aren’t doing enough to push the economy along,” Ramsay stated in a press release.

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