Rommel Silverio

Candidate in the Kam Lake Yellowknife race.

Rommel can be reached on social media, at, or by calling (867) 445-6229.

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News that mentions Rommel Silverio

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City ponders adjustment to tax mill rate

April 7, 2021

My Yellow Knife Now - ...Alty, who was in favour of keeping the mill rate the same. Alty added council should create business incentive programs instead. Councillors Rommel Silverio, Robin Williams and Stacie Smith all supported keeping mill rates the same as in 2020. Councillor Cynthia Mufandaedza said she would support...

Yellowknife contemplates shifting property tax burden

April 6, 2021

Cabin Radio - ... Status quo and ‘shock to the system’ “I hope we don’t stay with the status quo,” Konge said. Mayor Rebecca Alty and councillors Rommel Silverio, Robin Williams and Stacie Smith, however, supported keeping mill rates the same as in 2020. Alty said she doesn’t believe changing the mill rate...

Yellowknife backs proposal to allow permanent residents to vote locally

March 10, 2020

CBC North - ...citizen takes so long as opposed to changing our elections act to accommodate,' says Counc. Stacie Smith who opposed the motion. (Submitted) Coun. Rommel Silverio, who was once a permanent resident himself, supported the bill. "They pay taxes, they own property and they are a valued part of the community," he...

Proposed Vee Lake quarry passes first hurdle at city council

March 10, 2020

Cabin Radio - ... A new Bristol Pit? A motion from Morgan to reopen debate among councillors – unusual at third reading – failed with only Morgan and Councillor Rommel Silverio in support. Morgan had argued a surge in interest in the quarry proposal since second reading merited the extra discussion. Councillor Niels Konge...

Yellowknife city council votes to move forward on proposed quarry near Vee Lake

March 10, 2020

CBC North - ...few places that I find peace." Unanimous vote After hearing from both sides, Coun. Shauna Morgan proposed re-opening the bylaw for debate, with Rommel Silverio seconding, but that motion died on the floor and the bylaw went straight to a vote. Councillors were unanimous in favour of moving the project...

Yk council supports MLA’s quest for municipal electoral reform

February 25, 2020

NNSL Media - ...NWT population. Council reaction Except for Coun. Stacie Smith, most of council, including Mayor Rebecca Alty, supported the idea. Councillors Rommel Silverio, Cynthia Mufandaedza and Steve Payne were not present. Julian Morse – Supports “For me, the most important factor as to whether people should...

Should permanent residents be able to vote in NWT communities?

February 25, 2020

Cabin Radio - ...skilled workers to meet our labour demands – I think is an all-around good news story." June vote planned Councillors Cynthia Mufandaedza and Rommel Silverio were absent from council chambers on Monday. Only Councillor Stacie Smith expressed any note of opposition to Johnson's plan, and even then did so...

Council floats study of 25-metre pool option

January 30, 2020

NNSL Media - ...people’s feedback on that so we can have the best case possible that we are designing the aquatic centre that we need.” Couns. Niels Konge and Rommel Silverio were the only two who opposed Morgan’s motion. Konge, who has been chair of the Aquatic Centre Advisory Committee, said that there has already...

Yellowknife will study building smaller, cheaper new pool

January 29, 2020

Cabin Radio - ...pool the same size as the current Ruth Inch facility, or a refit of the Ruth Inch pool itself. On Monday, councillors passed a motion – with Rommel Silverio and Niels Konge opposed – to study the 25-metre option in more detail. City Hall will now instruct consultants to draw up detailed costings for...

How NWT election candidates raised and spent their money

January 16, 2020

Cabin Radio - ...or was simply trying to make him someone else's problem. She did not offer a contribution to the only other councillor who ran in the election, Rommel Silverio in Kam Lake.) List: How much each candidate raised Here, in order from largest to smallest, is the sum raised in contributions by each 2019 NWT...

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