Shane Thompson

Shane Thompson

Phone: 867-873-1633
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Incumbent Since 2015

Shane Thompson

Candidate in the Nahendeh All Ridings race.

Shane can be reached at, or by calling 867-873-1633.

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Shane Thompson opts for the no-nonsense approach

February 25, 2024

Cabin Radio - clarify: Please. Address. The chair.” Speaker of the House Shane Thompson has found his weapon of choice for managing unruly NWT politicians: a tone of voice last heard when Nicolas Cage uttered the immortal words, “Put the bunny back in the box.” Since taking on the speaker’s role...

Live: MLAs debating wildfire inquiry ahead of vote

February 22, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...handling of the 2023 wildfire season warrants a full public inquiry. The debate was postponed earlier in the month. Speaker of the House Shane Thompson split a 9-9 vote after Premier RJ Simpson called for a two-week delay, saying he wanted more time to find common ground with regular MLAs. Listen...

Here’s how N.W.T. MLAs say they’ll vote on a public inquiry into last summer’s wildfire response

February 22, 2024

CBC North - ...handling of the 2023 wildfires. That vote was first scheduled to take place on Feb. 9, but was postponed in a narrow 10 to nine vote with Speaker Shane Thompson breaking the tie. Ahead of Thursday's debate, CBC News reached out to each MLA by email to ask how they planned to vote. Kieron Testart, MLA for...

N.W.T. premier says public wildfire inquiry could cost millions and grind gov’t to a halt

February 14, 2024

CBC North - favour, along with Frame Lake MLA Julian Morse and Great Slave MLA Kate Reid. All other MLAs voted against it. The 9-9 tie was broken by Speaker Shane Thompson voting to postpone. Range Lake MLA Kieron Testart and Dehcho MLA Sheryl Yakeleya, who are the MLAs behind the motion for a public inquiry, spoke...

Wildfire public inquiry choices aren’t black and white, says Morse

February 12, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...parties. However, nine regular MLAs voted against the premier’s motion to postpone the debate – necessitating a tie-breaking vote from Speaker Shane Thompson – and some regular MLAs say only an independent inquiry would be fully separate from government. The debate is now expected to go ahead on...

N.W.T. MLAs postpone vote on public inquiry into wildfires

February 9, 2024

CBC North - ...22. Simpson did not provide a reason for the postponement. With nine voting in favour of the postponement and nine voting not to postpone, speaker Shane Thompson broke the tie. Thompson said that as speaker his role is to vote "to encourage debate" and voted to postpone the motion until Feb. 22. The public...

MLAs’ debate on wildfire inquiry is postponed at premier’s request

February 9, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...MLAs, Great Slave’s Kate Reid and Frame Lake’s Julian Morse, supported the postponement. All nine other regular MLAs opposed it. Speaker Shane Thompson, asked to deliver a casting vote, said: “As the role of the speaker, we vote to encourage and continue to debate. So the debate will be scheduled...

MLAs and premier hint at priorities during initial sitting

February 7, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...time would allow new members to understand government roles, responsibilities and resources first, and provide for more fulsome engagement. Speaker Shane Thompson said the current assembly’s priorities won’t be released until next week. Yet the premier and some MLAs hinted on Tuesday at themes that might...

‘Sorely missed.’ MLAs share tributes following Fort Smith plane crash

February 7, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...crew members lost their lives in the crash on the morning of January 23. One passenger survived with serious injuries. Premier RJ Simpson, Speaker Shane Thompson, environment minister Jay Macdonald – who represents Fort Smith – and regular MLAs Kieron Testart, Richard Edjericon and Kate Reid all rose to...

Remembering people the Northwest Territories lost in 2023

December 30, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...of her hand, because she took care of so many people in her career.” (Read our obituary in full.) Millie Kuliktana Remembered by Nahendeh MLA Shane Thompson on February 14, 2023. For the people that got to know her, Millie was a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, mentor, teacher, super volunteer, and...

What does Ottawa say it’s doing to help the NWT face disasters?

December 23, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...trailers could then be moved to the correct lot, essentially switching from temporary to permanent housing. At the time, then-communities minister Shane Thompson said that plan didn’t follow disaster assistance guidelines. Thompson said he was “looking at other options.” But Sajjan this week described...

Portfolios announced for N.W.T.’s new cabinet ministers

December 12, 2023

CBC North - handling which departments. Ministers were chosen for cabinet on Dec. 6 in a vote by their fellow MLAs, as were Premier R.J. Simpson and Speaker Shane Thompson. In a statement, Simpson wrote that the new cabinet is "dedicated to collaborative and practical solutions," with a goal of finding common ground. ...

R.J. Simpson elected Premier of the Northwest Territories

December 8, 2023

CKLB 101.9 - Shane Thompson was elected Speaker of the House, while six MLAs were elected to cabinet. R.J. Simpson is the new Premier of the Northwest Territories. The MLA for Hay River North and former cabinet minister was elected to the top office by colleagues on Thursday. At the start of the day, there were four...

‘He’s got a battle, but this group seems pretty good’

December 8, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...full day before handing over to Simpson, she told Cabin Radio she was excited that three of her ministers had stepped forward to be her successor. Shane Thompson, who was the communities and environment minister, dropped out of the premiership race to become speaker. Caroline Wawzonek, knocked out first in...

Legislative assembly elects six to cabinet

December 7, 2023

NNSL Media - ...sat in cabinet. Members were able to select two members from each region — North, South and Yellowknife. Incoming cabinet members, new speaker Shane Thompson and premier-elect R.J. Simpson will be officially sworn in during a ceremony when the 20th Legislative Assembly begins on Friday, Dec. 8, at 10...

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