Daniel McNeely

Daniel McNeely

Phone: (867) 446-9620
Incumbent Since 2015

Daniel McNeely

Candidate in the Sahtu All Ridings race.

Daniel can be reached on social media, at danielmcneely17@gmail.com, or by calling (867) 446-9620.

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How NWT election candidates raised and spent their money

January 16, 2020

Cabin Radio - ...Kam Lake Rommel Silverio $5,767.96 Thebacha Frieda Martselos $5,294.74 Inuvik Boot Lake Eugene Rees $5,264.16 Thebacha Don Jaque $5,072.03 Sahtu Daniel McNeely $4,500.00 Nunakput Herb Nakimayak $4,480.76 Yellowknife North Rylund Johnson $4,386.94 Nunakput Holly Campbell $4,303.77 Yellowknife Centre Thom...

MLA-elects respond to election results

October 4, 2019

NNSL Media - ...said there is a need to address the high cost of living and for the Northern and Stanton’s stores to address high prices. Sahtu In the Sahtu, Daniel McNeely, who was elected in 2015, was unseated by Paulie Chinnie, a first-time candidate and the firs- ever woman elected in for the district. Chinna took...

Push to get women into territorial politics a success

October 1, 2019

Cabin Radio - ...Centre. Diane Thom was elected in Inuvik Boot Lake while Lesa Semmler easily won Inuvik Twin Lakes. In the Sahtu, Paulie Chinna unseated incumbent Daniel McNeely. In Thebacha, a close race showed Frieda Martselos snagging the seat from Denise Yuhas, who led for most of the night. In complete contrast to the...

Push to get women into territorial politics a success

October 1, 2019

Cabin Radio - ...Inuvik Boot Lake, Diane Thom was elected, and in Inuvik Twin Lakes, Lesa Semmler has won the seat. In the Sahtu, Paulie Chinna upseated incumbent Daniel McNeely. In Thebacha, a close race shows Frieda Martselos snagging the seat from Denise Yuhas, who lead for most of the night. In the Yellowknife South...

Paulie Chinna set to win in Sahtu

October 1, 2019

NNSL Media - ...Chinna is pulling ahead in Sahtu with 202 votes. Chinna, who works for the territorial Department of Lands in Norman Wells, is facing off against Daniel McNeely, who has 161, Wilfred McNeely Jr., who has 98, and Caroline Yukon, who has 131. Updates to follow as results come...

NWT Election 2019: All of Cabin Radio’s candidate interviews

September 28, 2019

Cabin Radio - ...to learn from a long line of well-known Sahtu leaders. "I have 20 years solely working in the Sahtu, observing all the leadership of the past" Daniel McNeely – incumbent – read our full interview His record on OpenNWT Highlights: - Considers work to date on the Mackenzie Valley Highway a big...

MLA attendance: Who gets the highest grade in the 18th Assembly?

September 26, 2019

CBC North - ...development, consisting of Tom Beaulieu, Frederick Blake Jr., Julie Green, Michael Nadli, and Shane Thompson; Government operations, consisting of Daniel McNeely, Michael Nadli, Herb Nakimayak, R.J. Simpson, and Kieron Testart; and Rules and procedures, consisting of Tom Beaulieu, Julie Green, Kevin...

Education in the NWT isn’t working. What will help to fix it?

September 23, 2019

Cabin Radio - ...We are failing our children. Our graduation rates are low," Cochrane said on August 13, responding to questions in the legislature from Sahtu MLA Daniel McNeely. "Our early developmental index is coming in low," said Cochrane. "It is not OK." Following that admission of a system in dire need, Cabin Radio...

Premier says he gave up on some MLAs and got things done anyway

September 20, 2019

Cabin Radio - ...the MLAs in question. Of the 11 regular MLAs, three routinely backed cabinet, operating as the "friends" to whom McLeod alluded – the Sahtu's Daniel McNeely, Nunakput's Herb Nakimayak, and the Mackenzie Delta's Frederick Blake Jr. By contrast, Kevin O'Reilly – who is campaigning for re-election in...

Some N.W.T. incumbents still using their MLA social media accounts

September 12, 2019

CBC North - ...Assembly. He uses the same photo as his profile picture on a Facebook account set up for his re-election campaign. Similarly, Sahtu incumbent Daniel McNeely's MLA Facebook page is still active, with profile photos of himself in the Legislative Assembly chamber. Nunakput incumbent Herb Nakimayak also has...

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