Denny Rodgers

Denny Rodgers

Phone: 867-678-0646
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Denny Rodgers

Candidate in the Inuvik Boot Lake Inuvik race.

Denny can be reached at, or by calling 867-678-0646.

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Live: MLAs pass motion calling for wildfire public inquiry

February 22, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...all 10 regular MLAs present supported an inquiry. Six cabinet members opposed the motion. Two MLAs weren’t in attendance – Inuvik Boot Lake’s Denny Rodgers and Yellowknife South’s Caroline Wawzonek, the finance minister. While the motion passed, cabinet has said a yes vote does not automatically...

Here’s how N.W.T. MLAs say they’ll vote on a public inquiry into last summer’s wildfire response

February 22, 2024

CBC North - required of my role as Speaker. As well, I do not like to speculate on what is going to happen until it is done," he said. MLAs George Nerysoo, Denny Rodgers, Richard Edjericon, Jane Weyallon Armstrong and Danny McNeely did not respond to CBC's question. The motion on whether to call a public inquiry is...

MLAs and premier hint at priorities during initial sitting

February 7, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...and climate change as issues the assembly will need to tackle. “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan – but never the goals,” he said. Denny Rodgers, the MLA for Inuvik Boot Lake, spoke about the perceived migration of senior government positions from the Beaufort Delta and other regions. He said...

What’s in your drugs? Inuvik RCMP will start publishing a list.

December 22, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...said, appealing for people to call RCMP or use Crime Stoppers if they have information to provide about drug trafficking. Another scan of Scan Denny Rodgers, the new MLA for Inuvik Boot Lake, said the impact of drugs on the town had been one of the issues most raised by residents during November’s...

Live: RJ Simpson is the new NWT premier

December 7, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...south, and Yellowknife that MLAs will use this afternoon: Premier RJ Simpson Caroline Wawzonek Caitlin Cleveland Lesa Semmler Shane Thompson Denny Rodgers Jay Macdonald Shane Thompson is out of the running. We'll see what happens this afternoon. There'll be yet another Q&A round once the contenders...

Live: Shane Thompson becomes speaker, is out of premier race

December 7, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...I'm aware, still ongoing – and the promised review of the incident by the GNWT has, as far as I'm aware, not yet even begun. Inuvik Boot Lake MLA Denny Rodgers asks candidates to commit to building jobs and capacity in the regions. Wawzonek says that's an easy commitment to make and that work is already...

What your new MLAs say they want for the Northwest Territories

November 28, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...many conflicting, plaguing problems with our communities. I’m hearing a lot of the influx of drugs and addictions. What’s the solution to that? Denny Rodgers, Inuvik Boot Lake How can we as a government ensure that we are working with the Indigenous governments in a way that respects both and ensures we...

In pictures: MLAs are sworn in on a new note of optimism

November 24, 2023

Cabin Radio - ... Christmas decorations hang above the Great Hall, where MLAs congregated after their ceremony. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio Inuvik Boot Lake MLA Denny Rodgers. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio Nunakput MLA Lucy Kuptana talks to Range Lake MLA Kieron Testart. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio Testart, calling for a...

Majority of MLA-elects want addiction treatment facilities in the N.W.T.

November 20, 2023

CBC North - ...Nerysoo, MLA-elect for Mackenzie Delta, said he would also support a treatment facility. Moments after hearing he was elected for Inuvik Boot Lake, Denny Rodgers told CBC that a wellness facility is something Inuvik needs. Sahtu MLA-elect Danny McNeely said he would need more information before making a...

Meet the NWT premier and cabinet you told us you want

November 20, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...people chose Simpson to lead) Caitlin Cleveland (Yellowknife, 75 percent) Lesa Semmler (North, 71 percent) Shane Thompson (South, 54 percent) Denny Rodgers (North, 33 percent) Jay Macdonald (South, 29 percent) What are the takeaways? Deciding on a premier and cabinet is not a popularity contest. The...

There’s a line forming to be in the next NWT cabinet

November 17, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...ahead. Vince McKay said he wouldn’t comment yet post-election (ahead of polling day, he had said he wasn’t interested in a cabinet position). Denny Rodgers said he would work in “whatever capacity [MLAs] decide as a whole.” Kate Reid said she’d prefer to be a regular MLA but it was...

Election 2023: Residents vote for change as seven incumbents ousted

November 15, 2023

CKLB 101.9 - Only four incumbents defeated their challengers as more than 10,000 cast their votes. New faces to the Legislative Assembly include former Yellowknife city councillors Julian Morse and Shauna Morgan, and deputy Mayor of Fort Smith Jay MacDonald. Also returning are several past MLAs who were defeated in the last election, including Yellowknife Centre’s Robert Hawkins, Range Lake’s Kieron Testart, and Sahtu’s Daniel McNeely. According to the unofficial results, just over 10,900 voters turned out for the election, or about one quarter of the population. Here are the unofficial results of the election, according to Elections NWT (bold indicates elected, * indicates incumbent).

Unofficial Election Results Provided by Elections NWT

November 15, 2023

My Yellow Knife Now - ...59 Katrina Nokleby 197 Kate Reid 263 Hay River: Vince McKay 282 Wally Schumann 238 Pierre Simpson 210 Inuvik Boot Lake: Diane Archie 152 Denny Rodgers 210 Sallie Ross 132 Inuvik Twin Lakes: Lenora McLeod 128 Lesa Semmler 322 Mackenzie Delta: Frederick Blake Jr. 220 George Nerysoo 233 ...

What happened in the NWT election? Get a quick summary

November 15, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...Thompson, re-elected in Nahendeh, suggested he may do the same. Seven incumbents lost: ministers Diane Archie and Paulie Chinna were beaten by Denny Rodgers and Danny McNeely respectively. Longtime Mackenzie Delta MLA Frederick Blake Jr lost narrowly to George Nerysoo. Fort Smith deputy mayor Jay...

Denny Rodgers elected MLA in Inuvik-Boot Lake

November 14, 2023

NNSL Media - Denny Rogers has claimed victory in the three-horse race for Inuvik-Boot Lake MLA after capturing 201 votes. While the NWT Elections website reports seven out of 10 polls are reporting, Rodgers said there are in fact only four polls so the election was decided a few hours ago. Rodgers attributed his victory to the fact he didn’t take a day off during the election. I was calling people during the day, I was there was visiting businesses, I was doing my thing. So I think that’s, you know, that’s a big part of it.