Diane Archie

Diane Archie

Phone: 867-445-4010

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Diane Archie

Candidate in the Inuvik Boot Lake Inuvik race.

Diane can be reached at dellaf@cbyk.ca, or by calling 867-445-4010.

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Remembering people the Northwest Territories lost in 2023

December 30, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...Shane Thompson’s eulogy for Millie in full, including Wynter’s eulogy, and the CBC’s obituary.) Ruth Pulk Remembered by Inuvik Boot Lake MLA Diane Archie on February 16, 2023. Ruth was a baby when their family settled into Tuktoyaktuk, as one of the first families to form the Salimiut community on...

Election 2023: Residents vote for change as seven incumbents ousted

November 15, 2023

CKLB 101.9 - ...and the speaker of the house, were defeated: Ronald Bonnetrouge of Dehcho; Katrina Nokleby of Great Slave; Rocky Simpson of Hay River South; Diane Archie of Inuvik Boot Lake; Frederick Blake, Jr. of Mackenzie Delta; Paulie Chinna of Sahtu; and Frieda Martselos of Thebacha. New faces to the...

Unofficial Election Results Provided by Elections NWT

November 15, 2023

My Yellow Knife Now - ...237 James Lawrance 59 Katrina Nokleby 197 Kate Reid 263 Hay River: Vince McKay 282 Wally Schumann 238 Pierre Simpson 210 Inuvik Boot Lake: Diane Archie 152 Denny Rodgers 210 Sallie Ross 132 Inuvik Twin Lakes: Lenora McLeod 128 Lesa Semmler 322 Mackenzie Delta: Frederick Blake Jr. 220 George...

Key takeaways from the 2023 N.W.T. election

November 15, 2023

CBC North - ...key figures in the last assembly won't be returning. House speaker Frederick Blake Jr., and previous cabinet ministers Paulie Chinna (Housing) and Diane Archie (Infrastructure) were given the boot. It won't be such a fresh house when the legislature reconvenes in December, though. Three MLAs-elect return...

What happened in the NWT election? Get a quick summary

November 15, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...to be in contention for the role and Shane Thompson, re-elected in Nahendeh, suggested he may do the same. Seven incumbents lost: ministers Diane Archie and Paulie Chinna were beaten by Denny Rodgers and Danny McNeely respectively. Longtime Mackenzie Delta MLA Frederick Blake Jr lost narrowly to...

Denny Rodgers elected MLA in Inuvik-Boot Lake

November 14, 2023

NNSL Media - ...who’s it and and see what skill sets are there and have that conversation with the other 18 MLAs that are elected.” Rodgers defeats incumbent Diane Archie, who held the ministry of Infrastructure portfolio and served as deputy Premier. She received 144 votes. Placing third with 124 was Sallie...

Results start becoming clearer as last numbers roll in

November 14, 2023

NNSL Media - As the results start to roll in, we can start to safely make some calls. One race we can call for sure is in Nunakput as Lucy Kuptana is the MLA-elect for that riding. She looks to have defeated Vince Teddy according to the unofficial results but with all polls reporting, she has a nearly 200-vote lead. R.J. Simpson appears to be in control in Hay River North and Lucy Kuptana looks to be the MLA-elect in Nunakput. Rocky Simpson is also out as Vince McKay is the new MLA-elect in Hay River South.

N.W.T. voters go to polls today in territorial election

November 14, 2023

CBC North - ...and the premier will assign their portfolios. Four of the people who served in cabinet before dissolution are running for reelection: R.J. Simpson, Diane Archie, Paulie Chinna, and Shane Thompson. Caroline Wawzonek was acclaimed in her riding, and Julie Green, the former health minister, is not running...

How will the 19th Legislative Assembly be remembered?

November 13, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...Yellowknife South. She wrote: “It is difficult to govern without communication, and especially difficult to govern by consensus without trust.” Diane Archie, running for re-election in Inuvik Boot Lake, was briefly the health minister before being shuffled to the infrastructure portfolio. She said the...

NWT Election 2023: Read our Inuvik Boot Lake interviews

November 12, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...of Inuvik Boot Lake can choose between Diane Archie, Denny Rodgers and Sallie Ross in the 2023 territorial election. We’ve interviewed two of the three candidates, giving each person 15 minutes to discuss their platform, the priorities they’d like to focus on if elected, and the qualities that...

NWT Election 2023: Denny Rodgers’ Inuvik Boot Lake interview

November 12, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...whether that’s health programs or any programs that are out there.” More information: Denny Rodgers’ Facebook page Sallie Ross and incumbent Diane Archie are also running for the seat. NWT Election 2023: Back to Cabin Radio’s election homepage This interview was recorded on October 19, 2023. The...

NWT Election 2023: Sallie Ross’s Inuvik Boot Lake interview

November 12, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...to make improvements are other areas on which she hopes to focus. More information: Sallie Ross’s Facebook page Denny Rodgers and incumbent Diane Archie are also running for the seat. NWT Election 2023: Back to Cabin Radio’s election homepage This interview was recorded on October 26, 2023. The...

Could the N.W.T.’s next emergency be its lack of leadership?

November 11, 2023

CBC North - ...minister, R.J. Simpson, and casting doubt on who was really responsible . Then, in the middle of the pandemic, she stripped Health Minister Diane Archie of her portfolio, handing the important file to her newest cabinet minister. Perhaps the best example of this crisis of confidence is the case of...

Inuvik election candidates talk community funding, climate change in online forum

November 9, 2023

CBC North - ...north of Great Slave Lake drew only two of the 10 invited candidates. The two candidates were Denny Rodgers, running in Inuvik Boot Lake (against Diane Archie and Sallie Ross), and Lesa Semmler, the incumbent candidate in Inuvik Twin Lakes (running against Lenora McLeod). There were two themes to the...

7 races to watch in the N.W.T. election

October 30, 2023

CBC North - ...funding of daycare services in his campaign. Inuvik-Boot Lake The Inuvik-Boot Lake race features incumbent candidate and cabinet minister Diane Archie facing off against two other candidates for her seat. Archie is seeking her second term and highlighted climate change as the biggest threat facing...