George Nerysoo

George Nerysoo

Phone: 867-377-0156
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George Nerysoo

Candidate in the Mackenzie Delta All Ridings race.

George can be reached at, or by calling 867-377-0156.

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NWT set to explore boarding home options as MLA raises concerns

February 27, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...says the territory could look at new boarding home solutions in Yellowknife amid concern about existing capacity. Asked by Mackenzie Delta MLA George Nerysoo if anyone had looked at building a new boarding home, Lesa Semmler said private companies and Indigenous governments had expressed interest in...

Shane Thompson opts for the no-nonsense approach

February 25, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...he said. “This is how I want things done. If you ask my girls’ soccer team or my boys’ soccer team, this is how I did things.” From left: George Nerysoo, Jane Weyallon Armstrong and Shane Thompson. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio Heaven help any member of a Thompson soccer team who inadvertently spoke to...

Here’s how N.W.T. MLAs say they’ll vote on a public inquiry into last summer’s wildfire response

February 22, 2024

CBC North - ...say what will be required of my role as Speaker. As well, I do not like to speculate on what is going to happen until it is done," he said. MLAs George Nerysoo, Denny Rodgers, Richard Edjericon, Jane Weyallon Armstrong and Danny McNeely did not respond to CBC's question. The motion on whether to call a...

Live: RJ Simpson is new NWT premier, cabinet also chosen

December 7, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...of Yellowknife, and MLAs had to abide by that when they voted. Thirteen MLAs put their names forward. It’s easier to list those who didn’t: George Nerysoo, Julian Morse, Kate Reid and Sheryl Yakeleya. Testart ultimately missed out on both the premiership and a cabinet place as Wawzonek and Cleveland...

What your new MLAs say they want for the Northwest Territories

November 28, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...the same as it is in larger communities, or larger regional centres. One centralized policy is not the answer to our problem, but is the problem. George Nerysoo, Mackenzie Delta Treatment centres within the North are much-needed. There are people out there who want and need the help that they deserve....

In pictures: MLAs are sworn in on a new note of optimism

November 24, 2023

Cabin Radio - its end. Beyond the day’s rituals, though, some MLAs found broader meaning in the event than simply the formal start of work. From left: George Nerysoo, Jane Weyallon Armstrong and Shane Thompson. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio Jane Weyallon Armstrong, beginning her first full term as the Monfwi MLA,...

20th Legislative Assembly Officially Sworn In

November 24, 2023

My Yellow Knife Now - ...McKay for Hay River South – R.J. Simpson for Hay River North – Denny Rogers for Inuvik Boot Lake – Lesa Semmler for Inuvik Twin Lake – George Nerysoo for Mackenzie Delta – Shane Thompson for Nehendeh – Lucy Kuptana for Nunakput – Kieron Testart for Range Lake – Daniel McNeely for Sahtu...

Majority of MLA-elects want addiction treatment facilities in the N.W.T.

November 20, 2023

CBC North - ...said she supports a treatment facility and that advancing treatment options in the territory is a large reason that she decided to run for office. George Nerysoo, MLA-elect for Mackenzie Delta, said he would also support a treatment facility. Moments after hearing he was elected for Inuvik Boot Lake, Denny...

There’s a line forming to be in the next NWT cabinet

November 17, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...with the statement that “you have to kind-of get in there and get to know the crowd.” Since we mentioned it, you should probably listen to it. George Nerysoo said he’d be interested in a cabinet role if he was nominated, but added he did not consider it to be a priority. “My priorities are to get the...

Election 2023: Residents vote for change as seven incumbents ousted

November 15, 2023

CKLB 101.9 - Only four incumbents defeated their challengers as more than 10,000 cast their votes. New faces to the Legislative Assembly include former Yellowknife city councillors Julian Morse and Shauna Morgan, and deputy Mayor of Fort Smith Jay MacDonald. Also returning are several past MLAs who were defeated in the last election, including Yellowknife Centre’s Robert Hawkins, Range Lake’s Kieron Testart, and Sahtu’s Daniel McNeely. According to the unofficial results, just over 10,900 voters turned out for the election, or about one quarter of the population. Here are the unofficial results of the election, according to Elections NWT (bold indicates elected, * indicates incumbent).

Unofficial Election Results Provided by Elections NWT

November 15, 2023

My Yellow Knife Now - ...Archie 152 Denny Rodgers 210 Sallie Ross 132 Inuvik Twin Lakes: Lenora McLeod 128 Lesa Semmler 322 Mackenzie Delta: Frederick Blake Jr. 220 George Nerysoo 233 Richard Ross Jr. 176 - Advertisement - Nahendeh: Sharon Allen 149 Josh Campbell 21 Mavis Cli-Michaud 185 Hillary Deneron 149 Shane...

What happened in the NWT election? Get a quick summary

November 15, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...and Paulie Chinna were beaten by Denny Rodgers and Danny McNeely respectively. Longtime Mackenzie Delta MLA Frederick Blake Jr lost narrowly to George Nerysoo. Fort Smith deputy mayor Jay Macdonald beat Frieda Martselos in Thebacha. Vince McKay defeated Rocky Simpson and former minister Wally Schumann in...

Results start becoming clearer as last numbers roll in

November 14, 2023

NNSL Media - As the results start to roll in, we can start to safely make some calls. One race we can call for sure is in Nunakput as Lucy Kuptana is the MLA-elect for that riding. She looks to have defeated Vince Teddy according to the unofficial results but with all polls reporting, she has a nearly 200-vote lead. R.J. Simpson appears to be in control in Hay River North and Lucy Kuptana looks to be the MLA-elect in Nunakput. Rocky Simpson is also out as Vince McKay is the new MLA-elect in Hay River South.

N.W.T. voters go to polls today in territorial election

November 14, 2023

CBC North - ...riding Jay Macdonald, former deputy mayor in Fort Smith, defeated Martselos to become MLA-elect there. And in Blake Jr.'s Mackenzie Delta riding, George Nerysoo is now MLA-elect. Frame Lake MLA-elect Julian Morse at the Yellowknife Curling Club on election night. (Natalie Pressman/CBC) Bonnetrouge lost his...

Here’s who’s running for election on Nov. 14

October 20, 2023

NNSL Media - ...Rodgers Sallie Ross Inuvik Twin Lakes Lenora McLeod Lesa Semmler Kam Lake Caitlin Cleveland (acclaimed) Mackenzie Delta Frederick Blake Jr. George Nerysoo Richard Ross Jr. Monfwi Jane Armstrong (acclaimed) Nahendeh Sharon Allen Joshua Campbell Mavis Cli-Michaud Hillary Deneron Shane Thompson ...