Katrina Nokleby

Candidate in the Great Slave Yellowknife race.

Katrina can be reached on social media, at katrinaforgreatslavemla@gmail.com, or by calling (867) 446-9566.

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For some people, the dirtiest word in housing is ‘policy’

June 14, 2022

Cabin Radio - ...stopped, nothing has changed,” she said, urging MLAs in the room – Semmler was joined by committee chair Caitlin Cleveland, Ron Bonnetrouge and Katrina Nokleby, with minister and Inuvik Boot Lake MLA Diane Archie also in attendance – to “Indigenize policy.” “These houses aren’t designed for...

MLAs swing at the fences on population growth

June 13, 2022

NNSL Media - ...help but admire the sheer audacity of the regular MLAs’ motion on June 3, tabled by Kam Lake MLA Caitlin Cleveland and seconded by Great Slave MLA Katrina Nokleby, calling on the GNWT to put together a “strategy” that would increase the territory’s population and housing by 25 per cent by 2043. That’s...

Yellowknife editorial: Edjericon’s aggressive strategy against health minister is a calculated risk

June 9, 2022

NNSL Media - ...missive with: “I know you are a new MLA learning the ropes.” Rushing to Edjericon’s defence in the legislative assembly was Great Slave MLA Katrina Nokleby, who has had her own standoffs with Green. Seemingly referring to the email in question, Nokleby noted on May 31 that while Edjericon is a new...

GNWT yet to set childcare fee increase cap for year ahead

June 6, 2022

Cabin Radio - ...government declared any provider opting out of the federal program could no longer receive any form of territorial funding for the sector. Katrina Nokleby, the Great Slave MLA, said at the time such a shift amount to making providers “sign under duress.” As a condition of signing up for the...

What the NWT’s education minister says about a Tin Can Hill campus

June 2, 2022

Cabin Radio - ...the NWT legislature facing MLAs’ concerns about the proposed construction of a university campus on Yellowknife’s Tin Can Hill. Great Slave MLA Katrina Nokleby, whose district includes Tin Can Hill, says residents don’t want development on the hill and feel blindsided by a proposal out of nowhere. ...

Green, Edjericon spar over ‘gaslit’ residents, ‘disastrous’ treatment

May 30, 2022

Cabin Radio - ...in the moment.” The disagreement between Green and Edjericon has echoes of the ongoing, years-long falling-out between Green and Great Slave MLA Katrina Nokleby, whose exchanges in the legislature are seldom cordial. Edjericon’s predecessor, Steve Norn, was removed from the legislature in part because...

Health minister accused of being ‘out of touch’ over mental health

May 30, 2022

Cabin Radio - ...NWT’s politicians are again debating whether the Northwest Territories is in the middle of a mental health crisis. Great Slave MLA Katrina Nokleby first put the question to health and social services minister Julie Green in February 2021, at which point Green took issue with use of the term “crisis.” ...

Native Women’s Association ‘appalled’ health minister won’t admit to mental health crisis in N.W.T.

May 25, 2022

CBC North - ...of the N.W.T., wrote a letter to N.W.T. Health Minister Julie Green calling for a meeting to talk about mental health. (Mackenzie Scott/CBC) Katrina Nokleby, the MLA for Great Slave, asked Green to "finally admit that we are in a mental health crisis here in the Northwest Territories, after two years of...

MLA says N.W.T. should do more to prepare communities for climate disasters

May 9, 2022

CBC North - Katrina Nokleby, MLA for Great Slave, said the N.W.T. should be establishing long-term plans for dealing with climate change, and not putting the onus on individual communities. Speaking with CBC News after she visited both Fort Simpson and Jean Marie River First Nation last week, she said the trip was...

NWT Disabilities Council ‘obstructed’ investigation, documents claim

May 3, 2022

Cabin Radio - ... “The minister knew we wanted the concerns investigated but looked to punish those brave enough to speak instead,” Great Slave MLA Katrina Nokleby told the legislature on March 3. “This government talks about informed decision-making and change but instead chooses to punish those who raise...

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