Kieron Testart

Candidate in the Kam Lake Yellowknife race.

Kieron can be reached on social media, at, or by calling (867) 688-9192.

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What kinds of electoral reform does the NWT need next?

March 31, 2022

Cabin Radio - ...ranked ballots, people have plenty of ideas about how to improve politics in the territory. Not everyone agrees on the best options. Former MLA Kieron Testart, once president of the NWT’s branch of the federal Liberal Party, has long championed the idea of territorial political parties – a discussion...

Now, more than ever, the N.W.T. government needs party politics

November 25, 2021

CBC North - ...column is an opinion by former Yellowknife MLA Kieron Testart. For more information about CBC's Opinion section , please see the FAQ . In 2019 near the end of my term as an MLA, I proposed implementing a caucus system that, among other things, would allow for political discipline of MLAs. At the time MLAs...

‘Reticent to punish a colleague’; examining MLA removal from the House

June 7, 2021

NNSL Media - ...unpopular with his colleagues, is it democratic to be removed from office by an assembly vote? For political commentator and former Kam Lake MLA Kieron Testart, the NWT’s regulations on MLA removal are consistent with Westminster parliamentary democratic norms. “Do I think they’re effective? I do, it...

NWT can do ‘a lot more’ to replace shuttered law library

March 26, 2021

Cabin Radio - ...Sebert said there were 984 visitors to the library that year, who signed out a total of 385 books. ‘We really need to step it up’ In 2016, Kieron Testart, then the MLA for Kam Lake, questioned Sebert about the proposed resource centre. He expressed concern about whether the centre would be just “a...

‘A paltry sum’: Critics question $25 million proposed for N.W.T. government’s 22 priorities

February 26, 2020

CBC North - ...22 mandate priorities , and $25 million in total to that end over the next three and a half years. With his three-week-old infant in tow, Kieron Testart, a former MLA and sometimes-CBC contributor, took issue with the relatively small amount aimed right now at the assembly's priorities — priorities...

Bureaucrats or MLAs? Who’s really calling the shots in the N.W.T. government

February 12, 2020

CBC North - ...of their political masters comes as no surprise. Leadership that moves the bureaucracy outside of its comfort zone is sorely needed in the N.W.T. - Kieron Testart, Former MLA MLAs are often elected with bold platforms to effect change during their four-year terms that are frequently at odds with bureaucrats...

What does it cost to win an election in the N.W.T.?

January 25, 2020

CBC North - least 2007. The UNW donated $1,500 — the maximum allowed — to successful candidates O'Reilly and Shane Thompson and unsuccessful candidates Kieron Testart and Hughie Graham. The NWT Federation of Labour also donated $1,500 to O'Reilly. Read more from David Wasylciw | The 18th Assembly did a lot, but...

Three cabinet ministers, 18 staff to attend AME Roundup Conference

January 17, 2020

NNSL Media - Last year the GNWT under then Premier Bob McLeod sent five cabinet members, two regular MLAs, and 21 staff members. In 2018, regular MLAs Kieron Testart, Cory Vanthuyne, and Kevin O’Reilly all declined attending the trip. Krystal Pidborochynski, senior communications adviser with the Department of...

How NWT election candidates raised and spent their money

January 16, 2020

Cabin Radio - ...received the most money of any unsuccessful candidate. He raised $16,700 on the way to defeat by O'Reilly in Yellowknife's Frame Lake district. Kieron Testart and Robert Hawkins each raised around $15,000 in Kam Lake but were defeated by Caitlin Cleveland, who raised a little under $10,000. In 10 of the...

NWT’s new politicians begin setting out vision for years ahead

October 9, 2019

Cabin Radio - ...outgoing Premier Bob McLeod to bemoan his name joining a list of other premiers unable to solve the issue. Caitlin Cleveland defeated incumbent Kieron Testart in Kam Lake. Frederick Blake Jr, acclaimed to a third term as Mackenzie Delta's MLA, said his main goal is a new school for Aklavik. "My...

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