Lesa Semmler

Lesa Semmler

Phone: (867) 620-0958
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Lesa Semmler

Candidate in the Inuvik Twin Lakes Inuvik race.

Lesa can be reached at semmlerl@hotmail.com, or by calling (867) 620-0958.

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Territory kicks out Gwich’in man who tried to move home to Inuvik during pandemic

May 3, 2020

CBC North - ...Collinson, Thom's ministerial advisor, would "assist in responding." It's not clear if any action was taken after that. Inuvik Twin Lakes MLA Lesa Semmler says although she hadn't heard about Hagen's case by Friday afternoon, she says people returning to the N.W.T. need to have a plan in place that's...

Small communities struggle to get emergency dental care, MLA says

April 23, 2020

NNSL Media - ...treatment for a toothache can be a major hurdle for residents of the NWT’s 27 communities without a dentist, according to Inuvik Twin Lakes MLA Lesa Semmler. That’s because residents in pain who go to a health centre may be told dental care isn’t available in the community since Covid-19 has put an...

New liquor restrictions in N.W.T. limit purchase to $200 per day

April 16, 2020

CBC North - ...to $200 at a time. (Anna Desmarais/CBC) According to a government of the Northwest Territories' memo posted online by MLAs Kevin O'Reilly and Lesa Semmler Thursday — and signed by Finance Minister Caroline Wawzonek — the restrictions apply to liquor stores in Hay River, Yellowknife, Inuvik and Fort...

NWT Finance Minister announces Residential Tenancies (COVID-19) Regulations

April 15, 2020

My Yellowknife Now - ...a facebook post on Saturday April 11th, Kevin O’Reilly the MLA for Frame Lake and Lesa Semmler, MLA for Inuvik Twin Lakes both shared the same copy of a new regulation made under the Residential Tenancy Act that protects tenants from evictions during the COVID emergency if they are unable to pay their...

NWT temporarily bars evictions for non-payment of rent

April 13, 2020

NNSL Media - ...show a temporary change that will allow renters to defer rent until they’re able to pay, according to screen shots shared by Inuvik Twin Lakes MLA Lesa Semmler and Frame Lake MLA Kevin O’Reilly. Under the change, renters can’t be evicted as long as they provide written notice to their landlords. The...

NWT amends eviction rules to let tenants defer rent in pandemic

April 13, 2020

Cabin Radio - ...may now use a new process to demonstrate they cannot pay. If that process is followed, a landlord cannot evict them for non-payment of rent. MLAs Lesa Semmler and Kevin O’Reilly said they had been told by Caroline Wawzonek, the territory’s justice minister, that regulations related to the Residential...

Here’s what N.W.T. constituents want during the pandemic, in MLAs’ own words

April 3, 2020

CBC North - ...all 19 MLAs. Some of them responded and here are their own words — condensed and edited for CBC style. In alphabetical order: Inuvik Twin Lakes, Lesa Semmler People are afraid and they want to know the person [who tested positive for COVID-19]. There are laws [about] privacy. Knowing who it is, is not...

Town and MLA rally Inuvik residents after Covid-19 case

April 2, 2020

Cabin Radio - ...exactly as requested for the 10 days between their return to Inuvik and their positive test. On Thursday morning, Inuvik Twin Lakes MLA Lesa Semmler told her constituents they were collectively getting their response to Covid-19 right, and must continue. “Inuvik, you have been doing an amazing...

Editorial: Travel in a dangerous time

March 22, 2020

NNSL Media - ...voice carries in Hay River and across the territory. Joining the chorus are the mayors of those above-mentioned communities, Inuvik MLA Lesa Semmler and Nunakput MLA Jackie Jacobson and – for crying out loud – the CEO of NWT Tourism, who says this is not the time for tours. For weeks now the...

Former MLA, residents, politicians try to tamp down tour groups

March 20, 2020

NNSL Media - ...self-isolate for two weeks upon arrival or depart. Domestic tourists have been asked to self-monitor. Communities limited on travel restrictions Lesa Semmler, MLA of Inuvik Twin Lakes, wrote in a social media post March 19 that the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment was speaking to the travel...

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