Robert Hawkins

Candidate in the Kam Lake Yellowknife race.

Robert can be reached on social media, at, or by calling (867) 444-1000.

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How NWT election candidates raised and spent their money

January 16, 2020

Cabin Radio - of any unsuccessful candidate. He raised $16,700 on the way to defeat by O'Reilly in Yellowknife's Frame Lake district. Kieron Testart and Robert Hawkins each raised around $15,000 in Kam Lake but were defeated by Caitlin Cleveland, who raised a little under $10,000. In 10 of the 16 districts where...

KAM LAKE: incumbent Testart is out, Cleveland is in

October 1, 2019

NNSL Media - ...MLA for Kam Lake, ousting incumbent Kieron Testart. Cleveland, an entrepreneur and policy analyst, received 262 votes, 38 more than runner-up Robert Hawkins, who pulled in a total of 224. Cleveland and Hawkins were followed by Testart, with 220 votes, and Rommel Silverio, who garnered 125 votes from Kam...

3 ridings heading to recounts in tight Yellowknife races

October 1, 2019

CBC North - ...—@rjgleeson Kieron Testart lost his seat in Kam Lake to newcomer Caitlin Cleveland. Cleveland received 262 votes. Former MLA Robert Hawkins, who lost his seat in the 2015 election, came in second with 224 votes. "I'm really looking forward to sitting down with everyone and establishing...

It’s Election Day: where to vote and celebrate with your candidates

October 1, 2019

NNSL Media - ...for where each candidate will be celebrating tonight’s results. Caitlin Cleveland will be at her home celebrating her husband’s birthday and Robert Hawkins did no get back to NNSL before press time.  Election results will be coming in after 8 p.m. Keep NNSL open in your browser for up to date...

NWT Election 2019: All of Cabin Radio’s candidate interviews

September 28, 2019

Cabin Radio - On this page, find out more about each candidate and read full interviews to help you decide who gets your vote. At 8pm, Cabin Radio's rolling video coverage of the election results will begin via Facebook Live and simulcast on our live stream. She was not able to make herself available for a Cabin Radio interview. She was not able to make herself available for a Cabin Radio interview. A Cabin Radio interview with Holly could not be published.

Who’s winning the election sign war?

September 26, 2019

NNSL Media - ...see your sign it’s because I couldn’t see it. Now on to the results. Kam Lake Signs counted Abdullah Al-Mahamud 17 Caitlin Cleveland 33 Robert Hawkins 15 Rommel Silverio 25 Kieron Testart 34 Cherish Winsor 4 This one is a squeaker. Caitlin Cleveland dominated the sign count through Grace Lake...

Kam Lake candidate calls for foundational review of NWT’s education system

September 25, 2019

NNSL Media - ...out,” she said. “I believe education reform needs to start with a systemic reform of our whole government.” Former MLA and Kam Lake contender Robert Hawkins attributed chronic absenteeism in the communities to the colonial legacy of residential schools. “I experienced (this) first hand working as a...

Yellowknife candidates square off politely at final Dene Nahjo political forum

September 25, 2019

CKLB 101.9 - The other riding represented was the crowded Kam Lake riding where no less than six candidates are running. They are: Kieron Testart, Robert Hawkins, Rommel Silverio, Caitlin Cleveland, Cherish Winsor and Abdullah Al-Mohamed. The candidates answered questions about issues ranging from consensus...

Power possibilities pondered by Kam Lake candidates

September 19, 2019

NNSL Media - ...agreed: the cost of living is too high, and it’s largely driven by skyrocketing power bills. But of the six candidates – Kieron Testart, Robert Hawkins, Abdullah Al-Mahamud, Caitlin Cleveland, Cherish Winsor and Rommel Silverio – who spoke to a packed crowd at N.J. MacPherson School, not all...

Kam Lake candidates trade cost of living solutions in community debate

September 18, 2019

CBC North - $100 million regularly. So that revenue, we can implement to ourselves: our daycare program, affordable housing, renewable energy." Former MLA Robert Hawkins was the only candidate to take aim at Northland Utilities, saying that the company's "power is too expansive." "I'm not against Northland Utilities...

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