Shauna Morgan

Shauna Morgan

Phone: 867-686-8147
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Shauna Morgan

Candidate in the Yellowknife North Yellowknife race.

Shauna can be reached at, or by calling 867-686-8147.

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MLAs to vote on Israel-Hamas ceasefire motion

February 27, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...among other measures. Great Slave MLA Kate Reid told the legislature on Tuesday she plans to table the motion, seconded by Yellowknife North MLA Shauna Morgan, on Thursday. The motion, which is non-binding, requests that Premier RJ Simpson write a letter asking the “Canadian government to call for an...

Live: MLAs pass motion calling for wildfire public inquiry

February 22, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...inquiry. Why regular MLAs want a public inquiry Explaining why existing review processes aren’t good enough in her view, Yellowknife North MLA Shauna Morgan said the transparency required was not there. “Even if we’re assured by the government that Maca staff wouldn’t be directing the contractor...

Here’s how N.W.T. MLAs say they’ll vote on a public inquiry into last summer’s wildfire response

February 22, 2024

CBC North - ...which might come forward prior to the vote, so will speak to my vote and reasons therefore when the motion comes forward in the house," Morse said. Shauna Morgan, MLA for Yellowknife North, also said she would wait until the vote to share her perspective. "As you will hear during the debate on the motion on...

N.W.T. MLAs set 4 priorities for their term in office

February 20, 2024

CBC North - their priorities for the next four years. The priorities were announced in a news release issued Tuesday. In that news release, caucus chair Shauna Morgan said the priorities "provide an ambitious yet manageable focus." The priorities are, typically, vague objectives all of the territory's 19 MLAs...

N.W.T. MLA says review into wildfire response should consider territory’s most vulnerable

February 7, 2024

CBC North - ...and Range Lake MLA Kieron Testart gave notice in the legislature Tuesday that they will be calling for a public inquiry into the wildfire crisis. Shauna Morgan, MLA for Yellowknife North, says the treatment of shelter users and seniors are an example of why that review is necessary. "I wanted to raise this...

MLAs and premier hint at priorities during initial sitting

February 7, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...that the public has an opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences as part of that review process,” he said. Yellowknife North MLA Shauna Morgan, however, questioned whether those reviews would adequately address concerns like the support offered to vulnerable people and front-line...

MLAs seek formal vote on NWT wildfire public inquiry

February 6, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...cabinet argues the existing reviews are independent in the sense that hired contractors will do the work, regular MLAs like Yellowknife North’s Shauna Morgan have said any government-commissioned review is inadequate as the GNWT ultimately holds the purse strings and controls the terms of reference. In...

Will the GNWT launch an independent wildfire inquiry?

January 22, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...the terms of reference, even though there will be independent contractors or consultants in charge of conducting and writing these reports,” said Shauna Morgan, the MLA for Yellowknife North, who wants an independent public inquiry as well as all the reviews the GNWT says it’s already doing. Her point is...

Vital Metals, reputation battered, hires former NWT deputy minister

January 20, 2024

Cabin Radio - ...the most recent developments involved little to no consultation with Indigenous governments, and the company has lost face. Yellowknife North MLA Shauna Morgan sees things slightly differently. To her, the territory has been naive. “This should be teaching us lessons about how the global mining industry...

R.J. Simpson elected Premier of the Northwest Territories

December 8, 2023

CKLB 101.9 - ...others also put their names forward: Denny Rogers, Daniel McNeely, Jane Weyallon-Armstrong, Richard Edjericon, Kieron Testart, Robert Hawkins, and Shauna Morgan. This means just four MLAs did not put their names forward for either speaker, premier, or cabinet. The new cabinet ministers will have their...

Live: RJ Simpson is new NWT premier, cabinet also chosen

December 7, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...plenty from him earlier. RJ Simpson will give his first one-on-one interviews to reporters as NWT premier tomorrow afternoon, we've just been told. Shauna Morgan, a two-term Yellowknife city councillor, also studied international development and worked for the Pembina Institute on renewable energy and climate...

Live: Shane Thompson becomes speaker, is out of premier race

December 7, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...with your views. Refresh the page for the latest. Event status Live Live Jump to highlight Shane Thompson elected speaker Yellowknife North MLA Shauna Morgan asks if the role of premier and cabinet in an emergency is to get out of the way or to take a more active role – and how involved the premier...

What your new MLAs say they want for the Northwest Territories

November 28, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...about or do any reports or anything – we need to deal with this. And it’s not just in the regional centres, it’s in our small communities. Shauna Morgan, Yellowknife North When the smallest community or the most vulnerable amongst us suffers, we all suffer. Those of us in Yellowknife must find...

In pictures: MLAs are sworn in on a new note of optimism

November 24, 2023

Cabin Radio - ...governments is a must. Yakeleya said: “I want help with my riding. We need help with the fires. I need help with rebuilding Enterprise.” Shauna Morgan, right, greets a daughter of Caroline Wawzonek, left. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio Sahtu MLA Danny McNeely, left. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio From...

20th Legislative Assembly Officially Sworn In

November 24, 2023

My Yellow Knife Now - ...McNeely for Sahtu – Jay MacDonald for Thebacha – Richard Edjericon for Tu Nedhe-Wiilideh – Robert Hawkins for Yellowknife centre, and – Shauna Morgan for Yellowknife North. - Advertisement - Caroline Wawzonek for Yellokwnife South, Jane Armstrong for Monfwi, and Caitlin Cleaveland for Kam Lake...