Wally Schumann

Candidate in the Hay River South Hay River race.

Wally can be reached on social media, at sharonsofficesolutions@gmail.com, or by calling (867) 875-7516.

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News that mentions Wally Schumann

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‘A big day.’ Father grills son for first time in NWT legislature

March 4, 2020

Cabin Radio - ...RJ, for the first time since both were elected in October last year. The two Simpsons serve as Hay River's two MLAs. Rocky defeated former minister Wally Schumann in Hay River South while RJ, following re-election in Hay River North, was elevated to cabinet and now leads the Department of Education, Culture,...

How NWT election candidates raised and spent their money

January 16, 2020

Cabin Radio - ...Caroline Yukon $6,579.83 Nunakput Alisa Blake $6,519.48 Tu Nedhe-Wiilideh Richard Edjericon $6,415.15 Nunakput Annie Steen $6,408.48 Hay River South Wally Schumann $6,037.67 Kam Lake Cherish Winsor $5,998.76 Thebacha Louis Sebert $5,826.05 Kam Lake Rommel Silverio $5,767.96 Thebacha Frieda Martselos $5,294.74...

Official results reveal where the N.W.T.’s battleground ridings were won and lost

December 30, 2019

CBC North - ...justice minister Lou Sebert was ousted by Salt River First Nation Chief Freida Martselos, and Hay River South, where former infrastructure minister Wally Schumann lost his seat to Rocky Simpson, Sr. As in past elections, voting at the office of the returning officer was the favourite method of advance...

Indebted MLA Rocky Simpson gets greenlight to sell properties, assets

December 23, 2019

NNSL Media - ... Every two weeks, the Hay River South MLA brings in $4,593 in gross pay, reported CBC North. Rocky Simpson, who unseated Hay River South incumbent Wally Schumann in October, did not publicly disclose his debt to voters during the 2019 territorial election. He has since maintained that the debt, a “business...

Court docs provide details into N.W.T. MLA’s wage garnishment

December 19, 2019

CBC North - ...estate company owned by a former MLA, Jane Groenewegen, who once represented the riding Simpson now serves. Simpson upset former cabinet minister Wally Schumann in the October election. News of him defaulting on the BDIC loan did not become widely known until after the election. A lawyer for BDIC is...

GNWT aims to sell off indebted Hay River MLA’s assets

November 29, 2019

NNSL Media - ...million BDIC loan, which has been outstanding since 2011. Simpson didn’t reveal his debt while successfully campaigning to unseat cabinet minister Wally Schumann in last fall’s territorial election. The BDIC loan was briefly back in court Nov. 29. A disposition to deal with outstanding debt was adjourned...

Hay River MLA faces wage garnishment, foreclosed properties

November 29, 2019

CBC North - ...was the guarantor for his loan). A few weeks later, Simpson would be elected to represent the riding of Hay River South. He took the seat from MLA Wally Schumann — who had been minister of the department overseeing the investment corporation while it was taking action on Simpson in...

Indebted Hay River MLA’s work site up for sale

November 20, 2019

NNSL Media - ...election campaign in September. The revelation didn’t come until five days after the Oct. 1 election. Simpson beat his opponent, Industry Minister Wally Schumann, by a vote of 350 to 322. Other media outlets have reported since the election that Simpson owes more than the $2 million – a claim that NNSL...

N.W.T. cabinet and deputy assignments send mixed message about change

November 10, 2019

CBC North - ...tourism, and investment. She made no bones about her desire to add those to her resume. Work by those departments, under ousted Hay River South MLA Wally Schumann, was the primary focus of the 18th Assembly. Arguably, they also have the biggest job ahead of them — overseeing promised billion-dollar...

How Caroline Cochrane views the next four years

October 24, 2019

Cabin Radio - ...amount of our experience and cabinet in this current election. There's only three of us going to be running: Lou Sebert from Fort Smith, myself, and Wally Schumann from Hay River. I have been asked. I'm watching what happens in the election. I do think that I've worked hard. I think that we've only had one...

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