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Jane Armstrong

Candidate in the Monfwi All Ridings race.

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News that mentions Jane Armstrong

Shane Thompson opts for the no-nonsense approach

February 25, 2024

Cabin Radio - Few other speakers have made a habit of going after MLAs for occasional violation of this rule. There’s a little bit of give and take, but you need to follow the rules,” Thompson told Cabin Radio earlier this month, setting out his philosophy. If you ask my girls’ soccer team or my boys’ soccer team, this is how I did things.”From left: George Nerysoo, Jane Weyallon Armstrong and Shane Thompson. Ollie Williams/Cabin RadioHeaven help any member of a Thompson soccer team who inadvertently spoke to a motion when they should have been speaking to an amendment to a motion. Thompson is also aware that he might be coming off as a little short at times, an impression on which he’s already begun riffing.

N.W.T. MLAs vote for inquiry into 2023 wildfire response, but premier makes no promises

February 22, 2024

CBC North - MLAs voted Thursday to hold a public inquiry into the territory's 2023 wildfire response, but Premier R.J. Simpson says his government isn't making any promises. Following the vote, Simpson told reporters he doesn't believe it's the right time for a public inquiry, with another wildfire season approaching. Simpson said the government would hear from the public through that process, before deciding whether to proceed with a public inquiry. "If this isn't grounds for a public inquiry, I don't know what is," he said. If people are not satisfied with the results of those, then a public inquiry could be revisited, Simpson said.

Here’s how N.W.T. MLAs say they’ll vote on a public inquiry into last summer’s wildfire response

February 22, 2024

CBC North - MLAs will be debating and voting Thursday on whether to call a public inquiry into the territory's handling of the 2023 wildfires. Premier R.J. Simpson has said that he does not support a public inquiry. The motion on whether to call a public inquiry is non-binding and essentially serves as a recommendation to government. assembly to "demand a public inquiry into the Hay River-Enterprise-Kakisa wildfire." The petition has over 1,000 signatures from people who feel a public inquiry will help improve emergency preparedness across the territory.

100 new housing units being built in N.W.T. but one MLA says it’s not enough

February 9, 2024

CBC North - Housing Minister Lucy Kuptana said 100 new public housing units have been built or are close to being built — the first time the territory's public housing stock has been expanded in decades, she told the legislature Thursday. "For Indigenous people living in the Tłı̨chǫ region, housing is a nightmare," Jane Weyallon Armstrong, the MLA for Monfwi, said during Thursday's sitting. Monfwi MLA Jane Weyallon Armstrong said there are more than 200 people on the housing waitlist in the Tłı̨chǫ region. She said families whose homes burned down were put into public housing units that became available. Weyallon Armstrong said housing is top of mind as MLAs move to discuss this assembly's priorities in the coming days.

R.J. Simpson elected Premier of the Northwest Territories

December 8, 2023

CKLB 101.9 - Shane Thompson was elected Speaker of the House, while six MLAs were elected to cabinet. R.J. Simpson is the new Premier of the Northwest Territories. The MLA for Hay River North and former cabinet minister was elected to the top office by colleagues on Thursday. At the start of the day, there were four nominees for Premier: Simpson, Range Lake MLA Kieron Testart, Yellowknife South MLA Caroline Wawzonek, and Nahendeh MLA Shane Thompson. This means just four MLAs did not put their names forward for either speaker, premier, or cabinet.

Live: Shane Thompson becomes speaker, is out of premier race

December 7, 2023

Cabin Radio - Shane Thompson became the NWT’s speaker-elect as he emotionally dropped out of the race to become premier during Thursday’s key session at the legislature. Of the premier candidates, Wawzonek and Testart are from Yellowknife, while Simpson represents the Hay River North district. Premier and cabinet need to make sure plans are in place, he says. Simpson says working with Indigenous governments to advance the needs of the entire territory "would be the cornerstone" of his work as premier. He says progress has been made and that sole-sourcing opportunities for Indigenous governments should be advanced.

What your new MLAs say they want for the Northwest Territories

November 28, 2023

Cabin Radio - We now know exactly what the Northwest Territories’ new MLAs would like to get done. Housing NWT needs to work with small community governments in establishing a year-round maintenance program for Elders and knowledge-keepers in their own homes. However, I want to emphasize that we are going to have to realign some resources to ensure priorities are successful. We need to work together with the RCMP, we need them to have the tools that they need to be able to combat this issue. Richard Edjericon, Tu Nedhé-WiilidehWe’re going to have settled claims here in the Northwest Territories sooner than later.

When the Heart Says No: How does Premier Simpson sound?

November 28, 2023

NNSL Media - So, we’ve gone through the territorial election and now the jockeying begins to see who will be the next premier and cabinet ministers. Yellowknife has it allThe next premier should be from outside of Yellowknife because of increasing tensions between Yellowknife and the small communities. First, there has been a premier from Yellowknife for the past 12 years. NNSL file photoPremierHaving served as an MLA before, I know that jumping from regular MLA to premier is too big of a jump. R.J. Simpson, Shane Thompson and Caroline Wawzonek are the only MLAs with experience as a minister, so they are the only credible candidates for premier in my eyes.

Only one N.W.T. MLA told us they’re fluent in an Indigenous language

November 24, 2023

CBC North - Jane Weyallon Armstrong, the MLA for Monfwi, is the only elected MLA who has described herself to CBC News as fluent in an Indigenous language. CBC News followed up with MLA elects who said they speak an Indigenous language about how fluent they are in that language. Indigenous language an asset for leaders, says advocateFluency and education surrounding Indigenous languages has been a long-time issue in the North. Dennis Drygeese, a long-time language advocate in the North, says fluency in an Indigenous language would definitely be advantageous for a leader, whether they're Indigenous or not. 's Official Languages Act recognizes eleven languages — nine Indigenous languages, along with English and French.

In pictures: MLAs are sworn in on a new note of optimism

November 24, 2023

Cabin Radio - Ollie Williams/Cabin RadioThe swearing-in turns MLAs-elect into full MLAs, the first stage in setting up the new government. Richard Edjericon, entering his first full term representing Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh, wore a medallion from the signing of Treaty 8 by Chief Drygeese and Chief Edjericon in 1900. Ollie Williams/Cabin RadioCaitlin Cleveland, acclaimed to a second term as Kam Lake MLA, is hotly tipped to enter cabinet. Ollie Williams/Cabin RadioNunakput MLA Lucy Kuptana talks to Range Lake MLA Kieron Testart. Ollie Williams/Cabin RadioTestart, calling for a fresh set of eyes at the top, said change must also run deeper.

20th Legislative Assembly Officially Sworn In

November 24, 2023

My Yellow Knife Now - ...Robert Hawkins for Yellowknife centre, and – Shauna Morgan for Yellowknife North. - Advertisement - Caroline Wawzonek for Yellokwnife South, Jane Armstrong for Monfwi, and Caitlin Cleaveland for Kam Lake each ran unopposed in their elections. Speaking after the Assembly, Wawzonek share her feelings for...

Majority of MLA-elects want addiction treatment facilities in the N.W.T.

November 20, 2023

CBC North - A majority of the newly elected MLAs have said they would support establishing addiction treatment facilities within the N.W.T. There have been calls for regional treatment facilities since the last one closed in 2013 . Since then, the territory's strategy around addictions treatment involves flying patients south and funding on-the-land programs. Lesa Semmler, incumbent MLA for Inuvik Twin Lakes, says she supports the government establishing addiction treatment facilities. "There may be another opportunity for them to make addictions treatment and facilities a core part of the government's agenda," he said.

Meet the NWT premier and cabinet you told us you want

November 20, 2023

Cabin Radio - Hundreds of people sent us their picks for NWT premier and cabinet after the territorial election. Meanwhile, every MLA-elect we could reach told us they had at least some interest in a cabinet role. So we set up an online survey asking you to select a premier and six other cabinet members – and we received more than 700 responses. Based on this survey, the absence of Wawzonek, Simpson, Cleveland or Semmler from cabinet would be a surprise. We may know who the premier is by the end of November 30, and we are almost certain to know the identities of premier and cabinet by the end of December 7.

There’s a line forming to be in the next NWT cabinet

November 17, 2023

Cabin Radio - Scroll down to tell us who your premier and cabinet would be. In a Cabin Radio post-election survey, no newly elected MLAs ruled out becoming a member of the new seven-person cabinet. Vince McKay said he wouldn’t comment yet post-election (ahead of polling day, he had said he wasn’t interested in a cabinet position). Kieron Testart, RJ Simpson and Shane Thompson all told us they are interested in the role of premier (or, failing that, a role in cabinet). George Nerysoo said he’d be interested in a cabinet role if he was nominated, but added he did not consider it to be a priority.

Election 2023: Residents vote for change as seven incumbents ousted

November 15, 2023

CKLB 101.9 - Only four incumbents defeated their challengers as more than 10,000 cast their votes. New faces to the Legislative Assembly include former Yellowknife city councillors Julian Morse and Shauna Morgan, and deputy Mayor of Fort Smith Jay MacDonald. Also returning are several past MLAs who were defeated in the last election, including Yellowknife Centre’s Robert Hawkins, Range Lake’s Kieron Testart, and Sahtu’s Daniel McNeely. According to the unofficial results, just over 10,900 voters turned out for the election, or about one quarter of the population. Here are the unofficial results of the election, according to Elections NWT (bold indicates elected, * indicates incumbent).